Wilson Cretaro Da Luz Junior


Wilson Junior who is a 4th degree black belt underneath the Grand Master Carlson Gracie Jr, is both the founder and chief instructor of the Carlson Gracie team, which has spread to many cities in the United Kingdom. His career, which started in Rio in 1994 and was full of championships, continued in 2006 by moving Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to London. He currently heads the academy in London.

Carlson Gracie The team founder and the chief trainer of England.
-Fourth-degree black belt under Carlson Gracie JR
-2 time Brazilian National Champion of Greeco Roma wrestling
-Rio de Janerio Jiu Jitsu Champion
-Luta Livre Rio de Janeiro State Champion
-Copa Budokan Champion
-Copa Condor Champion
-Copa Puc Champion
-Copa Saporito Champion
-Freestyle Wrestling State Champion