Carlson Gracie Jr.

Grand Master

Carlson Gracie Juniour, known as the Prince of Jiu-Jitsu (El Principe de Jiu-Jitsu) in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu world, was born on July 27, 1969 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is the grandson of the founder of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Carlos Gracie, and the only son of BJJ legend Grand Master Carlson Gracie. He started his Jiu-jitsu career at the age of 3 and continues as a 6th degree black belt to this day. He also has a Judo black belt under the famous Brazilian Judo master, Georges Mehdi. BJJ also gained a place in the Brazilian Grekoremen wrestling team with 6 victories in South America, as well as dozens of victories.

He graduated from Rio De Janeiro State University, Department of Physical Education in 1993. For many years, he taught at the original Carlson Gracie School, known as the "Cave of Champions" in Rio De Janeiro, which raised dozens of champions in the fields of BJJ (Brazilian Jui Jitsu), MMA (Mixed martial arts) and Vale Tudo. Carlson continued to be mentioned with his success in the BJJ world in the 80s and 90s, both as one of the champions and as a member of the Carlson Gracie Arrebentação Competition Team, which he trained and belonged to.

He moved to America in 2002 and founded The Carlson Gracie Academy in Chicago. The school, which is the first BJJ academy in the Chicago area, provides training for children and adult group classes as well as security forces, military personnel, amateur and professional MMA athletes in the region. The master, who spends most of his time in America at school in Chicago, spends most of the year giving seminars, due to the high demand from all Carlson Gracie Academies around the world.